Supplementary Order Paper No 177

Clause 4

In clause 4(1), replace “its” (page 3, line 17) with “their”.

In clause 4(1), after the new definition of income-related rent tenancy (page 3, after line 25), insert:

New Zealand Standard has the meaning given in section 4(1) of the Standards and Accreditation Act 2015

In clause 4(2), replace “definition” (page 4, line 1) with “definitions”.

In clause 4(2), after tenancy (page 4, line 1), insert “and New Zealand Standard.

After clause 4(2) (page 4, after line 2), insert:


In section 2(1), replace the definition of work order with:

work order


means an order by the Tribunal to carry out any repairs to any premises or to any chattels, or to rectify any deficiency in the performance of any services, by doing such work or attending to such matters (including the replacement of chattels) as may be specified in the order; and


includes (without limiting the generality of paragraph (a)), an order by the Tribunal requiring a party to carry out any work, as specified in the order, for the purpose of complying with any requirement in respect of smoke alarms or insulation imposed on the party by regulations made under section 138A or 138B