Supplementary Order Paper No 360

Clause 16A

In clause 16A, replace new clause 4 of Schedule 1AA (page 11, lines 28 to 33) with:

4 Application of section 26ZHB(1) to whitebait fishing in conservation areas delayed


Until the date that the first notice under section 26ZHD authorising the taking of whitebait comes into force, section 26ZHB(1) does not apply to a person who fishes for whitebait from a conservation area in accordance with the Whitebait Fishing Regulations 1994 or Whitebait Fishing (West Coast) Regulations 1994.


The notice described in subclause (1) must not come into force on a date earlier than 2 years after the commencement date.

In clause 16A, new clause 6 of Schedule 1AA, replace subsection 48(1)(na) (page 12, line 10) with section 48A(1)(na).