Supplementary Order Paper No 330

No 330

House of Representatives

Supplementary Order Paper

Thursday, 30 March 2023

Counter-Terrorism Acts (Designations and Control Orders) Amendment Bill

Proposed amendments

Hon Kiritapu Allan, in Committee, to move the following amendments:

Part 1 Amendments to Terrorism Suppression Act 2002

Clause 9

In clause 9, replace 35D,” (page 7, line 34) with 35D.

Clause 11B

In clause 11B, replace “paragraph (a)(i)” (page 8, line 10) with “paragraph (a)(iv)”.

Clause 11D

In clause 11D(4), before “section 29D(3)” (page 8, line 24), insert “new”.

In clause 11D(4), new section 29D(4), replace “the the” (page 8, lines 28 and 29) with “the”.

Clause 11F

In clause 11F(1) replace “, section 29D(3)(b) or” (page 9, line 8) with “or section 29D(3)(b) or”.

Clause 11J

In clause 11J(1), at the end of clause 11J(1) (page 11, at the end of line 4), insert “.”.

Clause 11M

In clause 11M(1) and (2), delete the quote marks around relevant action (page 11, lines 21 and 23).

In clause 11M(2), definition of relevant action, new paragraph (e), delete “.” (page 11, line 26).

In clause 11M(3), definition of section 34 proceedings, replace “apply” (page 11, line 29) with “applies”.

After clause 11M(4) (page 11, after line 31), insert:


In Schedule 6, new clause 5(3) of Schedule 1AA, replace “Section 38 proceedings commenced before the commencement date, and” with “Proceedings to which section 38 (as in force before the commencement date) applied, and that were”.

Part 2 Amendments to Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Act 2019

Clause 13

In clause 13(1), new definition of EM requirement for a residential requirement, paragraph (b), replace “tamper with, or damage,” (page 12, line 18) with “tamper with or damage”.

Clause 20A

In clause 20A, new section 17A(1)(c), replace “tamper with, or damage,” (page 17, line 3) with “tamper with or damage”.

Schedule 1 Transitional, savings, and related provisions

Schedule 1

In Schedule 1, replace new clause 5(3) of Schedule 1AA (page 24, lines 14 and 15) with:


This clause does not limit how section 35B affects a purported application made on or after the commencement for revocation of the designation of an entity who, at any time or times before, on, or after the commencement, was for the time being—


the subject of a designation made under section 22 as—


a terrorist entity; or


an associated entity; and




Subclause (3) applies whether the purported application was made—


under section 34(1)(a) or (b), on the ground specified in section 34(3)(b), and before the Security Information in Proceedings (Repeals and Amendments) Act 2022 comes into force; or


under section 29C(1)(a) or (b), on the ground specified in section 29C(3)(b), and when or after the Security Information in Proceedings (Repeals and Amendments) Act 2022 comes into force.

Schedule 2 New Schedule 3 of Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Act 2019

Schedule 2, new Schedule 3

In Schedule 2, new Schedule 3, clause 2(d), replace “or otherwise interfered with” (page 32, lines 1 and 2) with “or damaged or done anything to interfere with the functioning of”.

Explanatory note

This Supplementary Order Paper sets out proposed amendments to the Counter-Terrorism Acts (Designations and Control Orders) Amendment Bill.

The amendments are drafting corrections or improvements.