Supplementary Order Paper No 154

No 154

House of Representatives

Supplementary Order Paper

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Advanced Technology Institute Bill

Proposed amendments

Megan Woods, in Committee, to move the following amendments:

Clause 10:

In clause 10(1), replace may (line 28 on page 4), with must.

In clause 10(4)(a), after regard to (line 17 on page 5), insert and respond to.

In clause 10(4)(b)(i), replace services sector, and (lines 20 and 21 on page 5), with services sector, employee representatives, the tertiary sector, and.

In clause 10(4)(b)(ii), after and as (line 24 on page 5), insert tertiary sector and other.

In clause 10(4)(b)(ii), replace board. (line 25 on page 5) with board; and.

In 10(4)(b), after paragraph (b) (after line 25 on page 5), insert:

  • (iii) the membership of the advisory group is broadly representative geographically, taking into account where economic growth is located, and where potential resides.

Clause 12:

In clause 12, after ATI's main objective is to (line 7 on page 6), insert operate for the benefit of New Zealand and.

Clause 13:

In clause 13(1), delete paragraph (f) (line 27 on page 6).

In clause 13(1)(i), replace Crown Entities Act 2004. (line 34 on page 6) with Crown Entities Act 2004:.

In clause 13(1), after paragraph (i) (after line 34 on page 6), insert:

  • (j) provide advice to the primary, secondary, and tertiary educational sectors regarding the skills and knowledge required for the development and implementation of innovation in New Zealand.

Clause 14:

In clause 14(1), delete paragraph (a) (lines 34 and 35 on page 7).

In clause 14(1)(d)(ii), replace RS&T providers. (line 11 on page 8) with RS&T providers; and.

In clause 14, replace subclause (2) (lines 12 to 22 on page 8) with:

  • (2) ATI must include in its annual report a Statement of Core Purpose (SCP) that—

    • (a) provides clear guidance to the ATI board on the national outcomes, operational parameters and types of behaviour that the Government seeks from ATI; and

    • (b) is developed in close consultation with the key industry and government stakeholders, and research partners of ATI.

In clause 14(1), after paragraph (d) (after line 11 on page 8), insert:

  • (e) proactively seek to identify and collaborate with existing organisations that can support the delivery of ATI's functions; and

  • (f) avoid unnecessarily undermining activities performed by existing organisations.

Clause 15:

Replace clause 15 (lines 30 to 37 on page 8) with:

15 IRL to be subsidiary of ATI
  • ITL is deemed to be a subsidiary of ATI.

Explanatory note

This Supplementary Order Paper amends the Advanced Technology Institute Bill.

Clause 10 is amended to make more explicit the need for strong industry and employee representation, and representative geographical representation on the stakeholder advisory group, taking into account where economic growth is located, and where the potential resides, and to ensure that there is strong collaboration and connection between the institute and research conducted in tertiary institutions.

Clauses 12 and 14 are amended so that “operating for the benefit of New Zealand” is a main objective of the ATI rather than an operating principle.

ATI should be perceived as a “doing organisation” rather than a funding body, so clauses 13 and 14 are amended to remove ATI's responsibility for allocating and administering RS&T funding. Clause 13 is also amended to ensure strong links between ATI and the education sector.

Clause 14 is amended so that ATI is required to have a Statement of Core Purpose, as recommended by the Crown Research Institute Taskforce, to ensure that ATI is built on a core culture of collaboration with tertiary organisations, in-house capacity, and Crown Research Institutes in the provision of RS&T for New Zealand's high-value manufacturing sector.

Clause 15 is amended so that Industrial Research Limited retains its current governance structure when it becomes a subsidiary of the Advanced Technology Institute.