Supplementary Order Paper No 323

Clause 14

In the heading to clause 14, replace 15F (line 10 on page 13) with 15G

In clause 14, new section 15A(2)(b), after the (in the first place it appears on line 4 on page 14), insert potential security risk and.

In clause 14, new section 15D, after paragraph (h) (after line 2 on page 16), insert:

  • (i) the method to be utilised to give effect to the interception or to obtain access:

  • (j) the intended time frame of any operation of the Bureau connected with the warrant or access authorisation.

In clause 14, after new section 15F (after line 28 on page 16), insert:

15G Review of warrant or authorisation
  • (1) Every interception warrant or access authorisation issued under section 15A must, within 15 working days, be reviewed by an independent authority.

    (2) The independent authority may recommend to the Minister the cancellation of the warrant or authorisation, the inclusion of conditions, or the amendment of any existing conditions upon which the warrant or authorisation was issued.

    (3) In subsection (1), independent authority means a panel of 3 persons made up of former members of the Judiciary, the New Zealand Police, and the New Zealand Defence Force selected by the Commissioner of Security Warrants.