Supplementary Order Paper No 417

No 417

House of Representatives

Supplementary Order Paper

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Electoral Amendment Bill

Proposed amendments

Andrew Little, in Committee, to move the following amendments:

Clause 24

Replace clause 24 (lines 10 to 22) with:

24 New section 156A inserted (Enrolment confirmation cards)
  • After section 156, insert:

    156A Enrolment confirmation cards
    • (1) Before any election, the Commission may issue to any elector a document that confirms the elector’s eligibility to vote at that election if the elector—

      • (a) is on the main roll or on a supplementary roll; or

      • (b) would, but for a direction under section 115, be on the main roll or on a supplementary roll.

      (2) Every enrolment confirmation card must be in a form approved by the Commission and contain the following particulars:

      • (a) the election for which the enrolment confirmation card is issued:

      • (b) the elector’s name:

      • (c) the elector’s address, except where a direction under section 115 applies to the elector:

      • (d) the name or any other identifier of the electoral district in respect of which the elector is eligible to vote:

      • (e) the page and line number where the elector's name appears on the main roll or on a supplementary roll or, if a direction under section 115 applies to the elector, a number assigned by the Commission to the elector for the purpose of confirming the elector's enrolment for that election:

      • (f) a machine-readable code containing any of the information specified under paragraphs (a) to (e):

      • (g) any other matter, other than a photograph of the elector, that the Commission may include to identify the document as an enrolment confirmation card and to inform electors about voting at the election or to enable the elector to access that information.

      (3) Every enrolment confirmation card issued under this section continues to be the property of the Commission.

New clauses 25 to 27

Before clause 29 (line 23 on page 27), insert:

25 Section 157 amended (Materials for polling places)
  • (1) After section 157(1)(c), insert:

    • (ca) 1 or more containers designated by the Returning Officer for the secure storage of enrolment confirmation cards:.

    (2) In section 157(1)(d), delete and supplementary rolls.

26 Section 163 amended (Ballot box to remain closed during poll)
  • (1) In the heading to section 163, after Ballot box, insert and container for enrolment confirmation cards.

    (2) After section 163(4), insert:

    • (5) This section applies with all necessary modifications to every container designated by the Returning Officer for the secure storage of enrolment confirmation cards.

27 Section 167 replaced (Issue of ordinary ballot papers)
  • Replace section 167 with:

    167 Issue of ordinary ballot papers
    • (1) An elector may apply to vote by—

      • (a) giving an issuing officer the enrolment confirmation card that has been issued to the elector for the current election; or

      • (b) informing an issuing officer of the particulars that are necessary to locate the elector's name on the rolls.

      (2) If the elector gives the issuing officer the elector's enrolment confirmation card, the issuing officer must promptly place the enrolment confirmation card in the container designated for the secure storage of those cards.

      (3) If the issuing officer locates the elector's name on a roll under subsection (1)(b), the issuing officer must mark the roll to indicate that the elector has applied to vote.

      (4) After receiving the enrolment confirmation card or locating the elector’s name on a roll, the issuing officer must,—

      • (a) if the consecutive number printed on the ballot paper can be read without the aid of technology, ensure that a piece of gummed paper is firmly fixed over that number on the ballot paper to conceal it effectively:

      • (b) write on the counterfoil of the ballot paper—

        • (i) the issuing officer’s initials; and

        • (ii) the page and line number where the elector's name appears on the roll or the number assigned to the elector under section 156A(2)(e):

      • (c) ensure that the official mark of the issuing officer is placed on the ballot paper to indicate that it was issued by an authorised person:

      • (d) issue the ballot paper to the elector.

      (5) Subsection (4)(b)(ii) overrides section 150(14) and form 13.

      (6) Every person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000 who, being an issuing officer, fails to comply with the requirements of this section.

Explanatory note

This Supplementary Order Paper reinstates clauses 24 to 27 (inclusive) into the Bill, in order to clarify and confirm measures involving enrolment confirmation cards (Easy vote cards).