Supplementary Order Paper No 243

No 243

House of Representatives

Supplementary Order Paper

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Wildlife (Powers) Amendment Bill

Proposed amendments

Hon David Parker, in Committee, to move the following amendments:

Clause 7

In clause 7, new section 66A(1), delete “fish and game ranger, honorary” (page 6, left column of table, after line 16).

In clause 7, new section 66A(1), replace “other than an honorary fish and game ranger” (page 6, left column of table, after line 16) with “including an honorary fish and game ranger”.

Explanatory note

The prosecutorial guidelines applying in New Zealand require all charging documents to include a date of birth. This is in part to avoid confusion between 2 people of the same name, including parents and their children living at the same address. A date of birth is also required to search a suspected offender’s criminal record.

The Local Government and Environment select committee was advised by the New Zealand Fish and Game Council that its rangers are currently limited in their ability to perform their statutory role of enforcing sports fish angling and game hunting regulations because they are unable to require date of birth information from suspected offenders. Fish and Game cannot prosecute unless they give this information voluntarily. We were advised by officials that although this would be a useful power for full-time Fish and Game rangers, it would not be necessary to extend the power to honorary Fish and Game rangers because honorary rangers were said to be generally accompanied by full-time Fish and Game rangers. This is incorrect and has been corrected by Fish and Game New Zealand. The reverse is the actual situation – honorary rangers, who undertake the vast majority of Fish and Game’s compliance activity, are seldom accompanied by full-time rangers.

Both full-time and honorary Fish and Game rangers are formally vetted by the New Zealand Police prior to appointment and undergo exactly the same training. Given they carry a warrant authorised by Parliament it follows that they should hold all the necessary authorities required to fulfil the requirements of the role, in the same manner as the full-time rangers. Not to do so is to set them up to fail.

Therefore, this Supplementary Order Paper amends clause 7, new section 66A(1) to allow honorary Fish and Game rangers to collect dates of birth in addition to names and addresses.