Supplementary Order Paper No 111

No 111

House of Representatives

Supplementary Order Paper

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Employment Relations Amendment Bill

Proposed amendment

Hon Scott Simpson, in Committee, to move the following amendment:

Clause 4

Delete clause 4 (page 6, lines 7 to 37).

Explanatory note

This Supplementary Order Paper amends the Employment Relations Amendment Bill by deleting clause 4 of the Bill.

As the Bill is currently written, the legislation provides that the union delegate may conduct union activity, during their working hours, whilst retaining pay. Clause 4 states that an employee has the choice of agreeing with the employer that time may be taken without notice, or simply telling the employer. As part of the good faith principles in an employee-employer relationship, allowing delegates time off to undertake their duties is not new. However, unions should be responsible for compensating delegates for the work they do, rather than the employer being responsible for compensation for activities that do not directly affect their business.