Supplementary Order Paper No 263

New clause 4A

After clause 4 (page 4, after line 31), insert:

4A Principles

A person exercising a power or performing a function or duty under this Act must have regard to the following principles:


every human life has equal value:


a person’s autonomy should be respected:


a person has the right to be supported in making informed decisions about their medical treatment, and should be given, in a manner the person understands, information about medical treatment options including comfort and palliative care:


every person approaching the end of their life should be provided with quality care to minimise their suffering and maximise their quality of life:


a therapeutic relationship between a person and the person’s health practitioner should, wherever possible, be supported and maintained:


individuals should be encouraged to openly discuss death and dying and an individual’s preferences and values should be encouraged and promoted:


individuals should be supported in conversations with the individual’s health practitioners, family and carers, and community about treatment and care preferences:


individuals are entitled to genuine choices regarding their treatment and care:


there is a need to protect individuals who may be subject to abuse:


all persons, including health practitioners, have the right to be shown respect for their culture, beliefs, values, and personal characteristics.