Supplementary Order Paper No 295

Explanatory note

This Supplementary Order Paper amends Supplementary Order Paper No 259 amending the End of Life Choice Bill to insert new clause 5B. The amendment extends the protection the Bill offers to employees and attending medical practitioners with a conscientious objection to include those organisations that, on grounds of conscience, do not wish to offer assisted dying services.

Many organisations involved in medical, aged, and palliative care services have a mission to promote healthy living and a death that is not hastened by assisted dying services. They may be faith-based and object on religious grounds, or otherwise have a mission and ethos that is at odds with the purpose of the End of Life Choice Bill.

The underlying principle of the Bill is to allow a person to seek assisted dying if that is their will, but it also gives individuals the choice not to provide assisted dying services. Non-Government organisations should also be free to exercise that choice without negative consequences for the services they provide. This amendment achieves that goal while ensuring that end of life choices remain an option in organisations that are prepared to offer them.