Supplementary Order Paper No 111

No 111

House of Representatives

Supplementary Order Paper

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Proposed amendments

Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, in Committee, to move the following amendments:

Schedule 1

In Schedule 1, new Schedule 3A, Part 1, clause 1(1) (page 28, lines 10 to 13), insert in their appropriate alphabetical order:

community services has the same meaning as under the NPS-UD

papakāinga means 1 or more residential units, and any ancillary community services

In Schedule 1, new Schedule 3A, Part 1, after clause 2 (page 28, after line 24), insert:

2A Controlled activities

The construction and use of papakāinga must be allowed as a controlled activity—


in a Māori purpose zone, on each site; or


in a residential zone, settlement zone, or any other zone, on each site which is wholly or partly Māori customary land, Māori freehold land, or general land owned by Māori.

Explanatory note

The purpose of this Supplementary Order Paper is to enable hapū, iwi, and other Māori entities to develop papakāinga without planning barriers. It will do this by allowing the building of papakāinga on whenua Māori as a controlled activity, with no maximum number of dwellings per site. These changes would better address the housing needs of tangata whenua within the framework of the Bill, and help alleviate current issues with housing choice and affordability for Māori in Aotearoa. This will support other complementary initiatives to enable Māori development of papakāinga, recognising that increased development of papakāinga is a Government priority, but planning restrictions remain a barrier.