Statute Law Revision Act (No 2) 1888

Statute Law Revision Act (No 2) 1888

Imperial Act57
Date of assent24 December 1888

An Act for further promoting the revision of the statute law by repealing superfluous expressions of enactment, and enactments which have ceased to be in force or have become unnecessary

  • Preamble

    Whereas in numerous statutes the expression be it further enacted, or similar expressions of enactment, are frequently repeated, and it is expedient, with a view to the revision of the Statute Law, and particularly to the improvement of the Revised Edition of the Statutes, to repeal these expressions which are superfluous.

    Whereas it is expedient that certain enactments which may be regarded as spent, or have ceased to be in force otherwise than by express specific repeal by Parliament, or have, by lapse of time or otherwise, become unnecessary, should be expressly and specifically repealed.