Nelson Waterworks Act 1863

Reprint as at 1 July 2013

Nelson Waterworks Act 1863

Provincial Act1
Date of assent7 August 1863
  • References to the Parliament of New Zealand were substituted for references to the General Assembly of New Zealand by section 29(2) Constitution Act 1986.

  • References in this Act to decimal currency were substituted for references to the former currency by section 7 Decimal Currency Act 1964 (1964 No 27).

  • References to a District Court Judge were substituted for references to a Magistrate pursuant to section 18(2) District Courts Amendment Act 1979.


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An Act to make provision for the making and maintaining waterworks for supplying the City of Nelson with water

  • Preamble

    Whereas it is expedient that waterworks should be constructed for the purpose of providing the City of Nelson with a constant supply of water.