Part 5
Crimes against public order

Treason and other crimes against the Sovereign and the State

73 Treason
  • Every one owing allegiance to the Sovereign in right of New Zealand commits treason who, within or outside New Zealand,—

    • (a) kills or wounds or does grievous bodily harm to the Sovereign, or imprisons or restrains her or him; or

    • (b) levies war against New Zealand; or

    • (c) assists an enemy at war with New Zealand, or any armed forces against which New Zealand forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between New Zealand and any other country; or

    • (d) incites or assists any person with force to invade New Zealand; or

    • (e) uses force for the purpose of overthrowing the Government of New Zealand; or

    • (f) conspires with any person to do anything mentioned in this section.

    Compare: 1908 No 32 s 94; Criminal Code (1954) s 46 (Canada)