Telecommunications (Residual Provisions) Act 1987

  • repealed
  • Telecommunications (Residual Provisions) Act 1987: repealed, on 1 October 2012, by section 341 of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012 (2012 No 24).
  • Previous title has changed

Reprint as at 1 October 2012

Telecommunications (Residual Provisions) Act 1987

Public Act1987 No 116
Date of assent1 July 1987
Commencementsee section 1(2)
  • Telecommunications (Residual Provisions) Act 1987: repealed, on 1 October 2012, by section 341 of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012 (2012 No 24).

  • Act title: amended, on 20 December 2001, by section 159(3) of the Telecommunications Act 2001 (2001 No 103).


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment.


1 Short Title and commencement

1A Act to bind Crown

Part 1

2 Interpretation

2A Declaration of person as network operator [Repealed]



3 Protection of network [Repealed]

4 Telecommunication links [Repealed]

5 Regulations [Repealed]

5A Offences in relation to regulations made under section 5 [Repealed]

5B Registered operators providing international telecommunication services [Repealed]

5C Regulations [Repealed]

5D Information to chief executive of the Ministry of Economic Development [Repealed]

5E Offences [Repealed]

6 Interference with network [Repealed]

7 Transitional provisions relating to customer equipment [Repealed]

8 Offensive language and disturbing use of telephone [Repealed]

8A Indecent or obscene telephone calls for pecuniary gain [Repealed]

9 Evidence [Repealed]

10 Monitoring of telecommunications [Repealed]

Call data warrants

10A Application for call data warrant

10B Issue of call data warrant

10C Effect of warrant

10D Network operator required to assist in execution of warrant

10E Failure to comply with call data warrant

10F Telephone analysers must comply with technical requirements

10G Existence of call data warrant not to be disclosed

10H Offences

10I Form and content of warrant

10J Duration of warrant

10K Renewal of warrant

10L Security of applications for warrants

10M Restriction on production of documents relating to application

10N Application for production of documents

10O Application referred to Judge

10P Request for production made in course of proceedings

10Q Judge entitled to inspect any relevant document

10R Reports to Parliament on call data warrants

10S Regulations

Powers of network operators


11 Rights of entry in respect of lines [Repealed]

12 Rights of entry in respect of existing works and existing lines [Repealed]

13 Removal of trees, etc [Repealed]

14 Removal of trees, etc, in emergency [Repealed]

15 Construction or repairing of lines on roads [Repealed]

15A Notice to be given before alteration to lines or works on road [Repealed]

15B Offence for failure to comply with section 15 or section 15A [Repealed]

15C Appeals in relation to conditions imposed [Repealed]

15D Determination of appeals [Repealed]

16 Alteration to line on road [Repealed]

17 Lines not to interfere with public traffic [Repealed]

18 Telephone cabinets, etc [Repealed]

19 Compensation for injurious affection [Repealed]

20 Protection of existing works and lines [Repealed]

Part 1A
Enforcement and remedies


20A Jurisdiction of High Court [Repealed]

20B Jurisdiction of District Courts [Repealed]

20C Injunctions may be granted by court for contravention of section 6 [Repealed]

20D Actions for damages for contravention of section 6 [Repealed]

Part 2
Licensing and regulation of radio apparatus


20E Objects of this Part [Repealed]

21 Interpretation [Repealed]

22 Part to bind Crown [Repealed]

23 Licensing of radio apparatus [Repealed]

24 Licensing of supply of radio apparatus [Repealed]

25 Radiocommunication within territorial limits [Repealed]

26 Powers to obtain documents and radio apparatus [Repealed]

27 Penalties [Repealed]

28 Delegation of powers by Secretary [Repealed]

29 Proceedings privileged [Repealed]

30 Regulations [Repealed]

31 Repeal [Repealed]

Regulations deemed to have been made pursuant to section 30(1)


Telecommunications Act 2001

Reprint notes



  • Title: repealed, on 20 December 2001, by section 159(1) of the Telecommunications Act 2001 (2001 No 103).