Copyright Act 1994

  • Warning: Some amendments have not yet been incorporated
  • This version was reprinted on 17 March 2016 to make corrections to sections 54, 134K(1), 135, 144A(2)(d) and 144B(2)(d) under section 25(1)(j)(i), (ii), and (iv) of the Legislation Act 2012.
7 Meaning of unknown authorship


For the purposes of this Act, a work is of unknown authorship if the identity of the author is unknown or, in the case of a work of joint authorship, if the identity of none of the authors is known.


For the purposes of this Act, the identity of an author shall be regarded as unknown if it is not possible for a person who wishes to ascertain the identity of the author to do so by reasonable inquiry; but if that identity is once known it shall not subsequently be regarded as unknown.

Compare: 1962 No 33 s 11(3), (4); Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 s 9(4), (5) (UK)