5 Object
  • (1) The object of this Act is to reduce and prevent violence in domestic relationships by—

    • (a) recognising that domestic violence, in all its forms, is unacceptable behaviour; and

    • (b) ensuring that, where domestic violence occurs, there is effective legal protection for its victims.

    (2) This Act aims to achieve its object by—

    • (a) empowering the court to make certain orders to protect victims of domestic violence:

    • (b) ensuring that access to the court is as speedy, inexpensive, and simple as is consistent with justice:

    • (c) providing, for persons who are victims of domestic violence, appropriate programmes:

    • (d) requiring respondents and associated respondents to attend programmes that have the primary objective of stopping or preventing domestic violence:

    • (e) providing more effective sanctions and enforcement in the event that a protection order is breached.

    (3) Any court which, or any person who, exercises any power conferred by or under this Act must be guided in the exercise of that power by the object specified in subsection (1).