Government Communications Security Bureau Act 2003

8B Intelligence gathering and analysis
  • (1) This function of the Bureau is—

    • (a) to gather and analyse intelligence (including from information infrastructures) in accordance with the Government's requirements about the capabilities, intentions, and activities of foreign persons and foreign organisations; and

    • (b) to gather and analyse intelligence about information infrastructures; and

    • (c) to provide any intelligence gathered and any analysis of the intelligence to—

      • (i) the Minister; and

      • (ii) any person or office holder (whether in New Zealand or overseas) authorised by the Minister to receive the intelligence.

    (2) For the purpose of performing its function under subsection (1)(a) and (b), the Bureau may co-operate with, and provide advice and assistance to, any public authority (whether in New Zealand or overseas) and any other entity authorised by the Minister for the purposes of this subsection.

    Section 8B: inserted, on 26 September 2013, by section 7 of the Government Communications Security Bureau Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 57).