Land Transport Management Act 2003

124 Matters to take into account when adopting regional public transport plans

A regional council must, before adopting a regional public transport plan,—


be satisfied that the plan—


contributes to the purpose of this Act; and


has been prepared in accordance with any relevant guidelines that the Agency has issued; and


is, if it includes a matter that is not within the scope of the regional land transport plan, otherwise consistent with that plan; and


be satisfied that it has applied the principles specified in section 115(1); and


take into account—


any national energy efficiency and conservation strategy; and


any relevant regional policy statement, regional plan, district plan, or proposed regional plan or district plan under the Resource Management Act 1991; and


the public transport funding likely to be available within the region; and


the need to obtain the best value for money, having regard to the desirability of encouraging a competitive and efficient market for public transport services; and


the views of public transport operators in the region; and


consider the needs of persons who are transport-disadvantaged.

Section 124: inserted, on 13 June 2013, by section 70 of the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 35).