Te Arawa Lakes Settlement Act 2006

Schedule 4
Place names

s 71

Existing place name (if any)Amended, new, or restored place name*Topographic map referenceGrid reference (NZMG)Feature type
Lake Rotorua
Lake RotoruaLake Rotorua/Te Rotorua nui ā Kahumatamomoe†260-U15 and 260-U16GR 970 433 and GR 970 383lake
 Kaikaitāhuna Bay260-U15GR 962 469bay
 Mātaikōtare260-U15GR 017 416locality
 Moanarua260-U15GR 019 440locality
 Ōwhatiura Bay260-U16GR 980 365bay
 Parawai Bay260-U15GR 925 418bay
 Pourākau Bay260-U16GR 943 383bay
 Puhirua Bay260-U15GR 935 457bay
Awahou PointTe Awahou Point260-U15GR 931 452point
 Te Kāramuramu Bay260-U16GR 006 390bay
 Te Matawera Bay260-U16GR 012 397bay
Pohue BayTe Pōhue Bay260-U15GR 017 426bay
 Te Raupōroa Beach260-U15 and 260-U16From GR 924 415 to GR 942 393beach
 Te Ruapeka Bay260-U16GR 947 367bay
 Tuarāhiwiroa Point260-U15GR 017 422point
Mission BayWaerenga/Mission Bay260-U15GR 005 461bay
Hannahs BayWaikawau/Hannahs Bay260-U16GR 995 379bay
 Waikuta260-U15GR 930 402locality
 Waimihia Bay260-U15GR 926 440bay
Holdens BayWaingaehe/Holdens Bay260-U16GR 990 374bay
 Waiōhewa Beach260-U15From GR 015 414 to GR 016 403beach
 Waitetī Bay260-U15GR 925 426bay
Lake Rotoiti
Lake RotoitiLake Rotoiti/Te Roto kite ā Ihenga i ariki ai Kahu†260-U15 and 260-V15GR 080 476 and GR 130 458lake
Hauparu BayHauparu Bay260-U15GR 099 449bay
Korokitewao BayKorokitewao Bay260-V15GR 160 463bay
Kuharua PointKūhārua Point260-U15GR 049 464point
 Manupīrua Bay260-U15GR 072 461bay
 Ngāpuka Bay260-V15GR 105 481bay
Ngongoahi BayNgongoahi Bay260-V15GR 122 469bay
 Ōkahutoroa Bay260-U15GR 086 462bay
Okawa BayŌkawa Bay260-U15GR 028 450bay
Okere InletŌkere Inlet260-U15GR 040 473bay
 Onepoto Bay260-U15GR 065 483bay
 Ōtairoa Beach260-V15GR 113 473beach
 Ōtaramarae Bay260-U15GR 062 485bay
 Paripari te tai Bay260-U15GR 094 484bay
 Pounamunui Bay260-U15GR 061 487bay
 Puketapu Bay260-V15GR 120 468bay
Puketapu PointPuketapu Point260-V15GR 118 468point
Punawhakareia BayPunawhakareia Bay260-V15GR 122 442bay
 Tapuaeharuru Bay260-V15GR 159 452bay
 Tapuaekura Bay260-U15GR 095 456bay
 Tauarau Bay260-U15GR 089 468bay
 Tāwhakarere Bay260-V15GR 155 445bay
Te Arero BayTe Ārero Bay260-U15GR 077 487bay
Te Karaka BayTe Karaka Bay260-U15GR 062 486bay
 Te Kōpiha Bay260-V15GR 140 470bay
 Te Koutū Wetland260-U15GR 028 458swamp
Te Ruato BayTe Ruato Bay260-V15GR 113 440bay
Te Ti BayTe Tī Bay260-U15GR 064 478bay
 Te Waiiti Point260-V15GR 148 441point
Te Weta BayTe Weta Bay260-U15GR 043 465bay
 Tūmoana Bay260-U15GR 050 456bay
Tumoana PointTūmoana Point260-U15GR 049 460point
 Waipuna Bay260-U15GR 031 465bay
Wairau BayWairau Bay260-U15GR 038 448bay
 Whangamarino Bay260-U15GR 038 474bay
Wharetata BayWharetata Bay260-U15GR 062 456bay
Lake Rotoehu
Lake RotoehuLake Rotoehu260-V15GR 203 475lake
 Haupapa Bay260-V15GR 200 500bay
Matawhaura BayMatawhaura Bay260-V15GR 187 471bay
Kennedy BayNgāmimiro Bay260-V15GR 212 472bay
Omarupoto BayŌmarupoto Bay260-V15GR 192 490bay
Otautu BayŌtautū Bay260-V15GR 210 487bay
Te Pohue BayTe Pōhue Bay260-V15GR 185 460bay
Te Wairoa BayTe Wairoa Bay260-V15GR 212 460bay
Wainikau BayWainīkau Bay260-V15GR 195 495bay
Wharenareke BayWharenareke Bay260-V15GR 190 480bay
Lake Rotomā
Lake RotomaLake Rotomā260-V15GR 250 445lake
 Ōtūmarokura Bay260-V15GR 249 467bay
Otumarokura PointŌtūmarokura Point260-V15GR 242 461point
Pangopangoa BayPangopangoa Bay260-V15GR 239 444bay
 Tāhunaroa Beach260-V15GR 247 473beach
Matahi LagoonTe Matahī Lagoon260-V15GR 265 426lake
 Te Oneroa Bay260-V15GR 252 422bay
Onewhero LagoonTe Onewhero Lagoon260-V15GR 261 451lake
 Te Rotoiti Bay260-V15GR 235 460bay
Whakarewarewa LagoonWhakarewa Lagoon260-V15GR 258 456lake
Whangaroa BayWhangaroa Inlet260-V15GR 230 442bay
Lake Ōkataina
Lake OkatainaLake Ōkataina/Te Moana i kataina ā Te Rangitakaroro†260-U16 and 260-V16GR 090 353 and GR 105 378lake
Haumingi BayHaumingi Bay260-U16GR 082 339bay
Kaikakahi BayKaikākahi Bay260-U16GR 077 360bay
 Ngāhauā Bay260-V16GR 108 382bay
 Ōruaroa Bay260-V16GR 104 341bay
Oruaroa PointŌruaroa Point260-V16GR 103 341point
Otangimoana BayŌtangimoana Bay260-V16GR 107 333bay
Parimata BayParemata Bay260-U16GR 082 365bay
Tahunapo BayTahunapō Bay260-U16GR 095 385bay
 Tauranganui Bay260-V16GR 106 386bay
Waikereru BayWaikererū Bay260-U16GR 099 366bay
Lake Tarawera
Lake TaraweraLake Tarawera260-U16 and 260-V16GR 090 285 and GR 115 285lake
Hawaiki BayHawaiki Bay260-U16GR 078 263bay
 Kanaehapa Bay260-V16GR 128 269bay
Kotukutuku BayKōtukutuku Bay260-U16GR 062 275bay
 Mourā Bay260-V16GR 105 257bay
Moura PointMourā Point260-V16GR 112 261point
 Ngāheretā Bay260-V16GR 125 304bay
 Punaromia Beach260-U16GR 057 274beach
Rahuiroa BayRāhuiroa Bay260-U16GR 072 298bay
Rangiuru BayRangiuru Bay260-U16GR 076 287bay
Rapatu BayRāpatu Bay260-V16GR 121 230bay
 Ruakōpū Bay260-V16GR 146 296bay
Te Hirau BayTe Hīnau Bay260-U16GR 084 255bay
Te Karamea BayTe Karamea Bay260-U16GR 072 309bay
 Te Puna Bay260-V16GR 121 253bay
 Te Rātā Bay260-V16GR 110 232bay
Te Tapahoro BayTe Tapahoro Bay260-V16GR 163 293bay
Waitangi BayWaitangi Bay260-U16GR 071 304bay
Tikitapu/Blue Lake
Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)Tikitapu/Blue Lake260-U16GR 019 288lake
Lake Ōkareka
Lake OkarekaLake Ōkareka260-U16GR 045 315lake
 Taumaihi Point260-U16GR 040 313point

*This list includes some place names that have not changed, some that are new names, and others that are traditional names that have been restored. These are all included to acknowledge their significance to Te Arawa and to ensure they are recognised as official place names under this Act.

†The long form of the dual names for this lake is acknowledged as the official place name, but the short form of this place name is accepted as remaining in common usage and can be used in publications and databases.