Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

78 Contents of register
  • (1) The register must contain all of the following information:

    • (a) the full name and business address of every person licensed under this Act to give immigration advice:

    • (b) the licence number or other unique identifier provided to a licensed immigration adviser on being granted a licence under section 19:

    • (c) the address for service of each licensed immigration adviser:

    • (d) the licensed immigration adviser's employer, if applicable:

    • (e) the date of each registration of each licensed immigration adviser:

    • (f) whether a person's licence is a full licence, a limited licence, or a provisional licence:

    • (g) any terms or conditions attached to a person's licence:

    • (h) if applicable, the date on which any cancellation, surrender, or suspension of a person's registration took effect:

    • (i) a list of the categories of persons who are exempt under section 11 or under regulations made under section 12 from the requirement to be licensed to give immigration advice:

    • (j) any other particulars that may be prescribed.

    (2) The register must also list the name and details of any person—

    • (a) whose licence has been cancelled or suspended at any time; or

    • (b) whose application for a licence has been refused.