Judicial Review Procedure Act 2016

  • This version was replaced on 10 November 2016 to make a correction to the Schedule under section 25(1)(j)(iv) and (v) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Judicial review

8 Application for judicial review


An application must be commenced by filing in the High Court—


a statement of claim; and


a notice of proceeding.


Part 5 of the High Court Rules applies in relation to the commencement and filing of an application as if—


references to a plaintiff were references to an applicant; and


references to a defendant were references to a respondent.


The statement of claim need not state that any of the following relief is sought:











Compare: 1908 No 89 Schedule 2 r 30.3(1); 1972 No 130 s 9(1), (3), (7)