Taxation (Budget Measures: Family Incomes Package) Act 2017

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Taxation (Budget Measures: Family Incomes Package) Act 2017

Public Act
2017 No 22
Date of assent
29 May 2017
see section 2


3Income Tax Act 2007 amended
4Section HC 24 amended (Trustees’ obligations)
5Cross-heading and section LC 13 repealed (Tax credits for independent earners)
6Section MD 3 amended (Calculation of family tax credit)
7Section MD 13 amended (Calculation of family credit abatement)
8Section MF 7 amended (Orders in Council)
9Section RC 5 amended (Methods for calculating provisional tax liability)
10Section RC 10 amended (Calculating amount of instalment under standard and estimation methods)
11Section RD 10 amended (Amounts of tax for PAYE income payments)
12Section RD 17 amended (Payment of extra pay with other PAYE income payments)
13Sections RZ 1 to RZ 5D replaced
RZ 1Calculating amounts under standard method: section RC 5: 2018–19 and 2019–20 income years
RZ 2Calculating amounts under standard method: section RC 10: 2018–19 and 2019–20 income years
14Section YA 1 amended (Definitions)
15Schedule 1 amended (Basic tax rates: income tax, ESCT, RSCT, RWT, and attributed fringe benefits)
16Schedule 2 amended (Basic tax rates for PAYE income payments)
17Schedule 6 amended (Prescribed rates: PIE investments and retirement scheme contributions)
18Schedule 31 amended (Annualised equivalent amount for Part M)
19Tax Administration Act 1994 amended
20Section 24B amended (PAYE tax codes)
21Section 33AA amended (Exceptions to requirement for return of income)
22Section 33C amended (Return not required for certain providers of personal services)
23Taxation (Annual Rates and Budget Measures) Act 2011 amended
24Customs and Excise (Tobacco Products—Budget Measures) Amendment Act 2016 amended
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The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: