End of Life Choice Bill

17 Death reported


Within 14 working days of a person dying person’s death as a result of the administration of medication under section 16, the attending medical practitioner must send the registrar a report in the prescribed form containing the information described in subsection (2).


The information is—


the attending medical practitioner’s name; and


the person’s name; and


the person’s last known address; and


the fact that the person has died; and


a description of how the attending medical practitioner complied with section 14(2); and


which of the methods described in section 15(3)(a) was used; and


a description of the administration of the medication; and


whether any problem arose in the administration of the medication and, if so, how it was dealt with; and


the place where the person died; and


the date and time when the person died; and


the name of the medical practitioner who was available to the person until the person died; and


the names of any other health practitioners who were present when the person died.


The registrar must send the report to the review committee.