Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010

6 Permit holder must keep records of water taken
  • (1) A permit holder must keep records that provide a continuous measurement of the water taken under a water permit, including water taken in excess of what the permit allows.

    Form of records

    (2) The records must comprise measurements (in cubic metres) of the volume of water taken—

    • (a) each day; or

    • (b) each week, but only if the permit holder has approval under regulation 9.

    (3) The records must be able to be combined to produce further records that cover each water year of the permit.

    (4) If no water is taken, the records must specify the volume of water taken as zero cubic metres.

    (5) The records must be kept in a format that, in the opinion of the regional council that granted the permit, is suitable for auditing.

    Manner in which records kept

    (6) The records must be kept using a device or system that—

    • (a) measures the volume of water taken—

      • (i) to within ±5% of the actual volume taken, for water taken by a full pipe; or

      • (ii) to within ±10% of the actual volume taken, for water taken by another method (including by an open channel or a partially full pipe); and

    • (b) is able to provide data in a form suitable for electronic storage; and

    • (c) is suited to the qualities of the water it is measuring (such as temperature, algae content, and sediment content); and

    • (d) is sealed and is as tamper-proof as practicable; and

    • (e) is installed—

      • (i) at the location from which the water is taken; or

      • (ii) at the location specified by any approval granted under regulation 10 that is held by the permit holder; and

    • (f) has been verified as accurate in accordance with regulation 7.