Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Ongoing Legal Education—Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2013

3 Interpretation
  • 3.1 In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires,—

    • (b) activities means learning which—

      • is structured with identifiable aims and with outcomes relevant to a lawyer's identified learning needs as contained in his or her continuing professional development plan and record;

      • provides an opportunity for interaction and feedback;

      • is verifiable by documentation; and

      • is not part of a lawyer's usual day-to-day work

    • (c) CPD or continuing professional development may be used in the alternative

    • (d) CPDPR or continuing professional development plan and record means the plan and record of a lawyer, as required by rule 5

    • (e) continuing professional development requirements or CPD requirements has the meaning given to it by rule 4

    • (f) Law Society means the New Zealand Law Society

    • (g) organisation means—

      • an incorporated law firm;

      • a lawyer or lawyers entitled to practise on own account whether in partnership or otherwise who employs or employ other lawyers;

      • a group of lawyers entitled to practise on own account; or

      • a group of lawyers who are employed by the same non-lawyer employer

    • (h) providing regulated services, in relation to a lawyer, includes holding out as willing or available to provide regulated services

    • (i) yearly period means a twelve-month period commencing on 1 April and terminating on 31 March in the immediately succeeding calendar year.

    3.2 Any term that is defined in the Act and used, but not defined, in these rules has the meaning given in the Act.