District Court Rules 2014

14.3 Categorisation of proceedings


For the purposes of rule 14.2(1)(b), proceedings must be classified as falling within 1 of the following categories:

Category 1 proceedingsProceedings of a straightforward nature able to be conducted by counsel considered junior
Category 2 proceedingsProceedings of average complexity requiring counsel of skill and experience considered average
Category 3 proceedingsProceedings that because of their complexity or significance require counsel to have special skill and experience


The court may at any time determine in advance a proceeding’s category, which applies to all subsequent determinations of costs in the proceeding, unless there are special reasons to the contrary.


Each step specified in item 19 of Schedule 4 of these rules must be treated as having been taken in a category 2 proceeding.


Unless the court otherwise directs, subclause (3) applies to a proceeding even if the court has, under subclause (2), determined the category of the proceeding.

Compare: HCR 14.3; SR 2009/257 r 4.3