Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

Schedule 1 Transitional, savings, and related provisions

r 5


2Emergency response plans
3Test certificates continue as compliance certificates
4Test certifiers continue as compliance certifiers
5HSNO licences continue as controlled substance licences
6Containers used for securing class 1 substances: construction requirements and test certificates
7Test certificates for hazardous substance location where class 1 substances present
8Test certificate for outdoor pyrotechnic displays
9Test certificates for hazardous substance location for class 2.1.1, 2.1.2, or 3.1 substances
10Test certificates for hazardous substance location for class 3.2 or 4 substances
11Previously approved installations of class 2.1.1 liquefiable gas cylinders and above ground tanks
12Reduced separation distances for containers of class 2.1.1, 2.1.2, or 3.1 hazardous substances or variation of other matters
13Compliance plaques for certain quantities of LPG in cylinders
14Test certificates for hazardous substance location for class 5.1.1A, 5.1.1B, 5.1.1C, or 5.1.2A substances
15Test certificates for hazardous substance location for class 5.2A, 5.2B, 5.2C, 5.2D, 5.2E, or 5.2F substances
16Recognised inspection agency
17Gas containers and fittings
18Design verification certificates
19Test certificates for imported cylinders
20Pre-commissioning certificates
21Waiver of requirement for pre-commissioning certificate
22Test certificates for imported fittings for LPG cylinders
23Waiver of test certificate for imported fittings for LPG cylinders
24Periodic certificates
25Approved filler certificates
26Recalls and design withdrawals
27LAB number, TSR number, design registration number, and tank wagon record number
28Design test certificates for tank wagons
29Design test certificates for transportable containers
30Certificate of design verification
31Pre-commissioning test certificates
32Approvals of tank wagon fabricators
33In-service test certificates
33APrevious compliance plans for tank wagons
33BExisting loader-refuellers
33CLoader-refuellers: preparation of compliance plans
33DLoader-refuellers: approval of compliance plans
33EIn-service compliance certificates for tank wagons with compliance plans
33FAdditional in-service compliance certificates
34Variations of modified controls for LPG, butane, and isobutane
35Disused below ground stationary tanks: approvals of actions taken
36Variations and waivers of fire-fighting requirements
37Previously approved dispensers
38Previously approved vapourisers
39Burners previously not permitted for use
40Previously approved burners
40ADesign and manufacture of stationary container system
41Certifications of designs of stationary tanks and process containers and of fabricators of stationary containment systems
42Existing stationary container systems
43Existing stationary container systems: preparation of compliance plans
44Existing stationary container systems: approval of compliance plans
44AExisting requests for approval of compliance plans
45Existing stationary container systems: issue of compliance certificates
46Test certificates for certain installed stationary container systems
47Approvals of reduced capacity of secondary containment systems
48Approvals of increased aggregate capacity of containers holding class 3.1 substances
49Approvals of increased aggregate capacity of groups of containers holding class 3.1 substances
50Approved compliance plans for existing secondary containment systems
51Existing applications for approvals, certificates, and other matters