Supplementary Order Paper No 239

Clause 58

Replace clause 58 (lines 30 to 34 on page 63) with:

58 Rules for noise abatement purposes


The Minister must make rules under section 52 prescribing flight rules, flight paths, altitude restrictions, and operating procedures for the purpose of noise abatement, including in the vicinity of aerodromes.


The Minister must be satisfied that the rules—


consider the effect or potential effect of noise from civil aviation activities on people, activities and things, including residential amenity, natural quiet, and the environment; and


have been made in consultation with the Minister of Conservation.


The Minister must—


make the first rules under this section by 31 December 2024; and


review the rules made under this section periodically, at least every six years.


Rules recommended by the Minister to satisfy this section may be amended or repealed later.